Smartly Resolves Issues of Corrupt Lotus Notes Address File

Before moving in to the depth of this article first of all we will understand the concept of Names.nsf file. It is the database file used in Lotus Notes to save all detailed information of Contact. Lotus Notes user usually known it as address book and it plays a weighty role while exchanging any mails in Lotus Notes. It can be found in the client side machine where Lotus Notes is configured. We can fetch NSF files in the C/Program Files/IBM/Notes/Data. Sometimes Lotus Notes Contact file get corrupted or lost its essential data which leads to major crisis while handling it.

Responsible Issue to Corrupt Lotus Notes Contact File

  • Sometimes NSF files are corrupted due to transactions occur are not committed properly which leads to lose the data and these errors are called as run-time faults.
  • Unexpected system shutdown
  • Server crash
  • Hardware failure
  • Manipulation in database created by third party

Due to corruption issue Lotus Notes user can’t access the details of address book, for that user need to take the back up of all files and convert them in to another platform like Outlook or they can again reconfigure the account in Lotus Notes. Most Preferable solution to overcome from this problem is to pick up the best tool to import Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook. For manual remedy following are the simple steps to install and configure the Lotus Notes profile.

  • In the very first step run the software of IBM Lotus Notes version 9.0 and click on Next button.
  • A window agreement license will pop up, in which you have to check in over the line of “I accept the terms….” And click on Next button
  • If you need to change the program files and data files of Lotus Notes then you can do so, otherwise click on Next button.
  • In the next window check/uncheck the features which you want in Lotus Notes Environment.
  • Select the installation settings and then click on install button to proceed further.
  • Next window will show the progress of installation of Lotus Notes and at last click on Finish button.

Lotus Notes successfully installed in your computer now it’s time to Configure the Profile in Lotus Notes. For this follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Lotus Notes by using its icon or from start menu
  • Now configuration wizard is open which will show you the information about configuring the profile then click on Next.
  • Choose the appropriate user name for Lotus Notes and click on Next to continue the process.
  • Now it’s time to provide the desired password and click on Log in button to enter in the Lotus Notes environment.
  • Now Notes will provide the option to choose desired internet service provider to connect IBM notes with internet servers and click on Next Button to proceed further.
  • Now the IBM Notes installation and configuration successfully completed.

Now end user can easily access their new contact file and can store data into it. If you need to rectify from complexity of Lotus Notes then simply you should prefer another email client Outlook which doesn’t require such process if file will corrupt. Lotus Notes have lot of complication as compare to Outlook such conflicts force user to import Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook.  If any user want entire database migration effectively then he should opt convert Lotus Notes to Outlook tool.